Green Landscaping

Why go green?

● Go green and get a rebate! Montgomery County is currently offering a rebate of up to $1,200 to install a rain garden on your property. Get more info on our Rain Gardens page.

● Creating an eco-friendly landscape design provides habitats for flora and fauna, a food source for birds, and key pollination vector for bees and butterflies.

● Replacing lawn with planted areas reduces stormwater runoff, improving the health of our waterways and the tributaries emptying into the Chesapeake Bay.

● Strategic placement of shade trees and shrubs reduces heating and cooling costs while providing a safe haven for nesting and migrating birds.

● Green landscaping enhances your personal environment by creating a private sanctuary that screens off noise and neighbors to let you retreat into a custom-designed, natural space.

● Using green products further reduces your environment footprint. We use products such as:

● Hollytone natural fertilizer
● Leafgro/Compro
● Mosquito dunks
● Safer soap
● Horticultural oil
● Organic pesticides (only when necessary)

● Your yard can become a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. By posting this certification, you can encourage neighbors to adopt greener practices, benefiting the entire neighborhood.

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We have been using the services of Five Seasons Landscaping for many years now and all we can say is, “he’s fantastic!” David Silverman’s designs, along with the timely and skillful implementation, have yielded a visual treat every time we walk out of our home. The dry streambed he added to our backyard has done nothing less than transform the ordinary into the spectacular. Sitting on the deck is a real “trip” for the senses.
Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Judy Heintze