Rain Gardens

Montgomery County is currently offering financial incentives to property owners who install RainScapes techniques. You can get a rebate of up to $1,200 for installing a rain garden, and up to $750 for conservation planting.  Click here for more details and to download an application form.


A rain garden is a planted area that mitigates storm water runoff. It slows runoff and filters out harmful chemicals before they get to local streams.

You can place a rain garden wherever there is rainwater runoff on your property:

  • near gutter pipes
  • at the end of a dry stream bed
  • or wherever the grading of your property directs storm water

At Five Seasons Landscaping, we have 25 years experience developing landscapes that mitigate storm water runoff and provide native plant habitats, long before it became hip. However, we do more than just create an environmentally beneficial garden design: we cultivate natural beauty that enhances your entire yard.


Don’t have the budget for a rain garden? Try Conservation Landscaping. Montgomery County is offering rebates of up to $750.

Conservation landscaping uses native plants that are adapted to local rainfall and soil conditions. The goal of conservation gardening is to make local choices that benefit wildlife and the conservation of natural resources.

If you are interested in exploring the idea of a rain garden or conservation landscaping, please contact us.

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We have been using the services of Five Seasons Landscaping for many years now and all we can say is, “he’s fantastic!” David Silverman’s designs, along with the timely and skillful implementation, have yielded a visual treat every time we walk out of our home. The dry streambed he added to our backyard has done nothing less than transform the ordinary into the spectacular. Sitting on the deck is a real “trip” for the senses.
Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Judy Heintze